My name is PAUL SOLOMONS and I am a cartoonist and animator based in London, UK.

I have a wealth of experience in all areas of the industry. Whether you have a plan, or need to develop ideas from scratch, I’m here to help. Please scroll down to check out my portfolio and get in touch!

You can call me on +44 (0)7538 238388 or email me at

LATEST!! Moanin’ Mo Baggins now has his own web show.

Paul Solomon’s Showreel 2019

As well as taking on freelance work, I draw a weekly topical joke for London’s Jewish News newspaper, a weekly childrens’ page called Tribe Scribe for United Synagogues’ Daf Hashavua magazine and have drawn several strips for the comic Viz.

I am signed to American ecard giants to make animated ecards for them (I’m proud to say that my cards have been sent in their millions).


My cartooning work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, greetings cards, books, posters, advertisements and more.


I have always been a big fan of animation, particularly the classic 2D fayre put out by the likes of Disney, Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes) and Hanna-Barbera.