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I have performed with countless bands and groups The Metrotones.over the years, most notably for the last 25 years as a vocalist with the 50's style doo-wop group The Metrotones.  The Mets began as an acappella vocal group creating jingles for London's Capital Gold and GLR radio stations.  Once a band was added we performed all over Europe, appearing on TV, radio and film as well as on a number of recordings. I also toured as a singer with the Rock 'n' Roll theatre show "American Pie". As a drummer, I have played for Sophie Garner and her Swing Kings, The Roomates, Al Catraz and the Chain Gang, The Jay Harley Band and The Ray Burns Trio. I have performed as a vocalist and/or drummer behind a number of visiting American doo-wop artistes from the 50's and 60's. More recently I have begun playing bass and singing with a new Metrotones spin-off 4-piece group called Dapper Joe.  We plan to start performing live later in the year.

The Metrotones (I'm 2nd from the right)

Many of my animations require background music or songs and I have written, produced and performed lots of musical pieces in a variety of styles.  You can hear some of them in my eCards at


If you need music for your project, I would be happy to discuss your ideas.

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