In a cartoon world, anything is possible!

It is often necessary to write scripts or copy for my cartooning or animation projects.  As well as scripting all of my ecards, I collaborated on the script for the pilot episode of "Farmyard Crazy".  My "Frankenstein" sketch script was included in BBC Radio 4's "The Show What You Wrote" starring The Fast Show's John Thomson.


My short story, The Pet, is for all the family to enjoy.  It is written in fun rhyming couplets and features the exploits of Mr. and Mrs. Squit who, having fallen on hard times, try to reverse their fortunes by buying an exotic pet to sell in their shop.  When things look like they can't get any worse, a thief holds up Mrs. Squit.


You can hear a simple recording of me reading The Pet here.


I hope to turn The Pet into an animated film in the future.

The Pet by Paul Solomons

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