Bands and Groups

​I have performed with countless bands and groups over the years, most notably for the last 30 years as a vocalist with the 50’s style doo-wop group The Metrotones.  The Mets began as an a cappella vocal group creating jingles for London’s Capital Gold and GLR radio stations.  Once a band was added we performed all over Europe, appearing on TV, radio and film as well as on a number of recordings. 

I also toured as a singer with the Rock ‘n’ Roll theatre show “American Pie“. 

As a drummer, I have played for Sophie Garner and her Swing KingsThe RoomatesAl Catraz and the Chain GangThe Jay Harley Band and The Ray Burns Trio

I have performed as a vocalist and/or drummer behind a number of visiting American doo-wop artistes from the 50’s and 60’s. 

More recently I have begun playing bass and singing with a new Metrotones spin-off 4-piece group called Dapper Joe.