Ecards, Viz and More

My ecard site,, is now well and truly up and running. I decided to embed the cards from YouTube, as lots of people seem to view them on there, as well as on the site. Subscriber numbers are on the rise and I hope to get to the magic 300 very soon. Why not take a look?

In other news, my latest Viz strip, featuring Ignatius Manatee and his Dixieland Jazz Band, was set in the “Would I Lie to You” studio (a TV show that I think is superb). Zeppetron, the production company behind WILTY, asked for the original and gave me special tickets to a recording of the show and access to the green room afterwards, where I was able to meet and chat with the stars of the show. It was a fantastic evening and Rob Brydon, Lee Mack and David Mitchell were all a delight, as were Stacy Solomon (no relation!) and footballer Jill Scott. Harry Hill was there too, but I didn’t get to chat with him. Thanks to the Zeppotron gang for letting me past the very tight security. The atmosphere was lovely and it’s clear why the show is so popular.

Paul (centre) with Lee Mack (left) and David Mitchell (right)
Paul (centre) with Lee Mack (left) and David Mitchell (right)
Paul with Rob Brydon

My ecard site is back at