It’s All Happening Here at Daftoons Towers!

It’s certainly been a busy old time over the past few weeks and I’m thrilled. With all the uncertainty of the last 18 months or so, it’s nice to see that the cartoon world is gathering momentum once again. So, here are a few recent highlights:

At this time of year, my friends at the Jewish News usually get me to pick my favourite cartoons from my past 12 months’ offerings, for their Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) edition and this year was no exception. It was fun looking back over the stories that have given me material and it wasn’t even all Covid related!

Jewish News Special Report

I’m a big fan of “The Play That Goes Wrong” when it appears on the TV. I haven’t seen the original play itself yet, but I was thrilled to learn that the team behind it are putting out a book to celebrate 7 years of the show, with profits going to charity. When the Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain (CCGB) asked for cartoon contributions to the book, I sent mine off pretty sharpish. I’m glad to say it was accepted and will go into the book. No previews to show yet, but as soon as it’s published, I’ll be a-posting.

Talking of the CCGB, every month they publish their newsletter, “The Jester“, with a commissioned front cover and an interview with the artist. Next month is going to feature my cover and interview. Very exciting. It’s all done and dusted, so I’ll show you the final pieces when it’s out.

My latest Viz strip is in the shops now. The strip’s called “Brian Blessed’s Bee Beard Mystery“. Someone has stolen Brian Blessed’s beard. I’m sure Hollywood will be on the phone, asking to buy the rights, at any moment.

This Month’s Viz

My latest 123Greetings ecard has just been released. It’s called “The Juggling Mice Birthday Song” and features a guy singing and juggling mice to mark your birthday. Did I mention he’s on a unicycle, riding along a tightrope? You can send the card from here: Juggling Mice Birthday Song. Free Songs eCards, Greeting Cards | 123 Greetings

The Juggling Mice Birthday Song

I’ve Got a New Website!

Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain Mag