Whiteboard/Explainer Videos

I had a lot of fun creating whiteboard animations for innovation and change consultancy Ignite.  As sponsors of the British Skeleton Squad, I was given the task of creating a video to explain skeleton and its history.  Other Ignite whiteboard videos have included those for Eastbourne Council as well as several for Ignite themselves to explain their services.  I have also created a couple of whiteboard ecards for www.123greetings.com.

Animated explainer videos (not whiteboard-based) have been created for companies including Intercall,  Getum and Traccr.  In 2016 I was asked to animate a video for the campaign to leave the EU by Peter Richardson and Nick Smith of Great Western Features.

I have worked on advertisements for companies including Minilan (Denmark), Railroad Kits (US) and Coapp (UK).

Music Videos

Episodes and Pilots